Tax Payments

Electronic Tax Payments

Pay your Federal Taxes Online!

With the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS), StellarOne Bank clients no longer need to make a trip to the bank to pay Federal Taxes. EFTPS is a system provided free by the US Department of Treasury that enables business and individual taxpayers to make all federal tax payments electronically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by website or phone. After December 31, 2010 the US Department of Treasury will require all individuals and businesses to submit their payments through EFTPS.

  • Before enrolling, have the following available to save you time:
  • Taxpayer Identification Number or Employer Identification Number – for businesses, OR
  • Social Security Number – for individuals, AND
  • Details on your StellarOne Bank account:
    • Routing number (this is the 9-digit number that appears along with the account number on your checks)
    • Account number
    • Account type (checking or savings)

You can enroll today at or by phone at 800.555.4477.

Business clients have two options when enrolling with EFTPS:

  • EFTPS-Direct: This payment method allows you to instruct EFTPS to transfer payments directly from your business account.
  • EFTPS through StellarOne Treasury Management: This option permits StellarOne Bank to forward your tax payment to EFTPS. For more information concerning EFTPS through StellarOne Treasury Management, please call 888.785.5271.

Who can use EFTPS?

Businesses, individuals, federal agencies, tax professionals, payroll services and financial institutions.

How does EFTPS work?

You can make payments whenever you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Payment instructions can be entered up to 120 days in advance for businesses and 365 days in advance for individuals.

Payments must be scheduled at least one calendar day prior to the tax due date by 8:00 pm ET. Your payment instructions will be executed on the day you selected, and your information updated at the IRS.

If I want to use EFTPS by phone and online, do I have to enroll in each separately?

No, the EFTPS methods are interchangeable.

How long does it take to complete the enrollment process?

Instructions on obtaining a password and your PIN will be mailed separately to you within seven business days.

For additional information, please visit