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We have been made aware of a vishing scam currently in operation in Virginia. Phones calls are being made using a random dialer. The recording states the call is being made by a local bank notifying the cardholder their card has been deactivated and they will need to input the card information in order to have it reactivated. The fraudsters do not know if the household they are calling is a customer of the bank targeted, they are counting on the volume of calls being placed to produce the desired results. They assume the odds are that they will contact some customers of the specified bank and of those customers; some will enter their card information.

Apparently this is a widespread problem and is affecting financial institutions around the country. It does not appear to be related to a breach but rather a trolling, random dialer in targeted communities.

Please be aware that StellarOne, as your financial institution, does not contact customers asking for information we already have. Should you have any questions please contact our client call center at 1.888.STLLR1.