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October 14, 2009 - Several of our clients have received a TEXT MESSAGE that appears to originate from a local credit union for purposes of verifying account information.

The text message states that the client's card information has been compromised and provides a telephone number for them to dial in order to confirm their information. This text message is fraudulent and is designed to steal both debit and credit card numbers.

StellarOne clients are encouraged to never respond to texts of this nature. However, StellarOne clients who have inadvertently shared account information by responding to such a text message, are encouraged to contact their nearest financial center immediately to have their cards blocked.

Please know that according to the credit union’s website, no client information has been accessed in this scenario and there have been no successful unauthorized attempts to penetrate their security system.

There are many scams designed to trick people into handing over their bank account number, credit card information, Social Security number or other valuable data. These scams can be delivered through fraudulent letters, malicious e-mails, Web sites pretending to belong to banks as well as through fraudulent phone calls and text messages. Be aware that Caller ID can be manipulated so that the digits/information that appears on the caller ID box does not necessarily reflect the true identity of the caller.

Important Information

  • StellarOne uses the Jack Henry Fraud Monitoring System.
  • Our representatives will never ask for a social security number or an account number. Clients are only asked about specific transaction activity.
  • In the event of an actual outbound fraud monitoring call in which a message needs to be left, they will typically leave a generic message requesting a return call and a case number will be provided.
  • When the client calls in to the Fraud Monitoring Center the message states “Thank you for calling the fraud center. Please stay on the line for the next available representative. Please have your case number available.”
  • The last four digits of the fraud monitoring phone number are 2265.