Receipts Management

Cash gathering services help to establish tight control over a payment system; increased forecasting capabilities further enable the productive use of funds until they are needed for payment. These services turn into available cash as rapidly and cost–effectively as possible and include:

Direct Payment

Transfer money from your account at another financial institution to your StellarOne savings, checking, or loan. You may also use Direct Payment to debit other individuals for dues, contributions, utility bills, subscriptions, and loan payments.

Web Payments

Allow your customers to submit payments via your website and submit the web payment file to StellarOne for collection to your account. A web payment (WEB) is a one–time or recurring debit to a consumer’s account based on an Internet–based authorization by the consumer.

Vendor Collection

Control the collection process by debiting your vendors for payments owed to you.

Lockbox Service

Improve your company’s cash flow by speeding up collections and automating the accounts receivable process. Our Lockbox Service can help by reducing the burden of handling mail, preparing deposits and getting them to the bank. You’ll enjoy electronic reporting with improved audit control, data files for posting, check and coupon images, and a variety of information reporting options all on the web.

Cash Concentration

Concentrate your cash and perform critical business transfers with ease and confidence. Use it to consolidate funds from subsidiary companies at multiple–bank depository accounts to a master collection account.

Merchant Online Deposit

A simple solution allows you or employees to scan checks and deposit them directly into your business account from any of your offices or business locations. Learn More

Merchant Card Processing

Credit and debit card processing acceptance is essential for doing business today. It’s convenient for customers and efficient for you. StellarOne is uniquely positioned to provide you the very latest payment industry technology, products, and services. Learn More