Payments Management

Cash disbursement services consist of the payment, movement, and disbursing of funds. StellarOne's disbursement solutions include :

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit allows you to automatically deposit funds into an employee’s bank account via the Automated Clearing House, or ACH, network. Take advantage of direct deposit for expense reimbursements, bonuses, commissions, dividends, or annuities. Use ACH to transfer funds to an account at another financial institution as well as specify when the receiving account gets credited.

Vendor Payments

Conveniently and efficiently manage payments owed to your vendor. Allows you to include the invoice number, gross invoice amount and amount paid with each payment when the invoice is paid electronically.

Federal & State Tax Payments

Allows you the convenience of paying federal and state taxes electronically. The Federal Government now requires business to make deposits electronically. Learn More.

Online Bill Pay

Comprehensive bill management! Receive, view, manage and pay bills all at one convenient website. Schedule automatic payments for recurring expenses. Use multiple checking accounts to pay your bills. Learn More.

Cash Disbursement

ACH funds transfer is a low cost means of assuring your payments move quickly and efficiently, meeting your payment schedules without tying up funds for the ordinary check clearing process. You have absolute control over timing disbursements to match cash availability in your account. ACH transfers can also help decrease check fraud.

Purchasing and Company Card Programs

Consolidate purchasing transactions and travel and entertainment expenses into one easy card that speeds corporate purchases, minimizes paperwork and improves your company’s bottom line with The One Card. Or, apply for the Visa® Business Company Card to cut costs and simplify expense management for everyday spend. For more information, contact your StellarOne Relationship Manager or call us at 888.785.5271.

Wire Transfer Solutions

Initiate domestic wire transfers online. Assign user permissions and dollar limits for each wire and the users. Multiple levels of user permissions and dual approval capabilities available.