Cash Control Management

Cash Control

StellarOne's cash control services provide accurate and timely information that help make for rapid and precise decisions involving your business' funds. The following are Cash Control solutions provided by StellarOne Bank:

Account Reconciliation

Reduce bookkeeping time and costs with reconciliation of all checks paid from your business account(s). Export account data to BAI2 files, CSV, and export to other financial management software applications.

Stop Payment

Submit online stop payments and delegate user permissions for viewing and placing stop payments.

Positive Pay

Reduce your exposure to fraud with Positive Pay services. Positive Pay allows you to identify unauthorized transactions — including counterfeit or altered checks before final payment. Download images of all exceptions before deciding which items to pay. View a history of your accepted exception item decisions. Gain complete, customized control over the check disbursement process.

Account Analysis

Reconcile banking activity with ease using an analyzed business account and receive information to help manage company cash for service compensation Your account balances will receive an earnings allowance using an Earnings Credit Rate to help offset or eliminate service charges, maintenance and transaction fees.

Liquidity Management

Today, financial managers and treasurers are managing more cash than ever before in increasingly complex portfolios. At the same time, they are being called upon to bring their insight to their organizations’ strategic priorities. StellarOne works with clients to create an integrated liquidity and investment solution that enables them to get the most from their cash portfolios and make the most of their valuable time.

Investment Sweep Accounts

A checking account that acts like an investment. All cash above a predetermined amount in your checking account is automatically swept at the end of each day and invested the following day into an FDIC-insured Maximum Sweep Account, which earns a higher rate of return than traditional money market accounts. Money Fund sweeps are also available, which are AA and AAA rated investment securities.

Investment Sweep Account Plus

Transfer funds between a line of credit, a funding account, Zero Balance Account, and an investment account to help your money work harder and improve your financial control.

Zero Balance Accounts

Efficiently link multiple checking accounts, consolidate and monitor balances, and pool company funds into specific accounts to maximize earnings and create cash efficiencies.

Credit Line Management

Credit Line Management Account allows the transfer of funds between a line of credit and an operating account to reduce credit line balances and lower interest expense. With a CLMA you can maximize your investment earnings and avoid overdrafts and over–funding accounts.

Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS)

With access to full insurance, your business can say “goodbye” to surety bonds, and collateralization requirements. There also is no need to manually consolidate account statements or interest disbursements. In short, the benefits of one bank, one rate, and one statement can reduce your administrative burdens (especially during tax and financial reporting seasons), providing you and members of your organization with more time to focus on profit–generating activities. As always, your business’ confidential account information remains protected.

With CDARS, your business gets One Bank, One Rate, One StatementSM.

  • One Bank: Investors can access multi–million dollar FDIC insurance coverage by working with just one bank — the bank they know and trust
  • One Rate: Investors negotiate one rate for each CD maturity and enjoy the option of reinvesting them through a simple process
  • One Statement: Investors receive one easy–to–read statement summarizing all of their CD holdings